Game rules

All games will be playd in accordance with the official Finnish Basketball Federation rules with the following exceptions:

Game time:

  • U16, U14 and U13 juniors 4 x 7 minutes effective time.
  • -08 and younger 4 x 6 minutes effective time.

Halftime break 2 minutes.

Each team may have two time-out per half.

Team fouls: 4 per period; free throws starting from the 5th team foul.

U13 and older categories can use any form of defense, -08 and younger have to use man-to-man defense.

Every category if another team is leading 30 points or more they have to get back to half court after they made a basket before starting their defense.

-08 categories play in adult hight baskets (305 cm) with ballsize 5.

If the game is even in the end of the game time, an overtime of 2 minutes effective time will be played. If it is still even in the end of the overtime, the game will continue until "sudden death".


A player may play in one team only in the tournament. Changing the team in the course of the tournament is not allowed.

Over-aged players are not allowed, unless a waiver from the relevant basketball federation has been obtained or permission from SimaBasket organization.

Each player is required to have sufficient insurance coverage.